About us

Antikor d.o.o. company has been the leader, since the foundation thereof (in 1954) until the present day, in the field of anticorrosive protection of capital facilities, installations and equipment in the area of energy industry, petrochemical, oil and chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, shipbuilding, engineering and metal processing industry.

Each and every negotiated assignment has been performed by Antikor d.o.o.  professionally and of high quality, with observation of deadlines, which contributed to its reputation of reliable contractor and paved the road for its engagement, in addition to the areas in former Yugoslavia, in successful operation in Germany, Libya, Kuwait, Iraq, Algeria, Gabon, Hungary, Slovakia and Russia.

Antikor d.o.o. is successfully mastering the market of anticorrosive protection, nourishing own values expressed by means of quality of works and services, development of long-term partnership relations with the service users, stable growth and development of the company, compliance and fulfillment of agreements. In order to preserve the leadership position, increase of competitive ability and mastering of new markets, it continuously improves own work, service and organization.

The main activities of our operation and development:

  • elaboration of complete documentation, specification and technology for the needs of project implementation, applying the applicable most contemporary local and international standards and technologies in this area of activity;
  • provision and procurement of all required material and equipment for execution of works;
  • mounting and dismounting of scaffolding for the needs of the projects;
  • anticorrosive protection of metal structures, installations and equipment such as: bridges, transmission lines pillars, dams, reservoirs, pipelines, industrial plants, vessels, docks, cranes other facilities requiring protection from salt and fresh water, atmospheric impacts, chemical action of aggressive liquid and gas media, action of high temperatures, action of abrasion and other mechanical impacts;
  • lining of the inner side of reservoirs and similar facilities using epoxy and similar resins reinforced with glass fibers – lining;
  • execution of insulating works, waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • manufacture of highly resistant wearing samoliv floors in industrial and public buildings;
  • protection and recovery of concrete areas from erosion and corrosion;
  • chemical cleansing, decarbonation, degreasing and de-balancing of units and installations;
  • fire protection of metal and wooden structures, cables, units and other structural elements;
  • cathodic protection of metal structures;
  • quality control of executed works according to the most contemporary local and international quality standards.


Our mission is strategically based on the fact that by our business activities we achieve higher values for own development and satisfaction of the needs of the users of our services, business partners, those employed and social community.



Our vision is to create continuous preference and to upgrade the position of a leader in the region, providing to the users of our services, business partners, those employed in the social community, the conditions where their needs and expectations…


Quality policy and goals

Business success is based on the services of anticorrosive protection of metal structures, installations and equipment by means of sand-blasting, coating and metallization, chemical cleansing, degreasing and de-ballasting…


Social responsibility

Responsibility and obligations have been defined by the quality policy and goals of the company by which consistent performance we create well-being and safety not only for the users of our services, business partners, those employed and their families but also for the society…