Antikor d.o.o. is a specialized company for the corrosion protection of various types of structures using paint protection systems and metallization, passive fire protection with expanding paint systems, all types of waterproofing of concrete and steel structures, thermal insulation, sound insulation and vibration insulation, production of high-strength industrial floors and protection geomembranes.

Since its founding (January 6, 1954) until today, the company Antikor doo, is a leader in our region in the field of anti-corrosion protection of capital facilities, structures, installations and equipment in the field of infrastructure, energy, petrochemistry, oil and chemical industry, mining , metallurgy, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metal processing industry, railway and road facilities.

In addition to engaging in the former Yugoslavia, the company worked successfully in Germany, Libya, Kuwait, Iraq, Algeria, Gabon, Hungary, Slovakia and Russia.

"Recognize the great while it is still small."

— Sun Tzu

Domestic and international references

Antikor works to protect relationships with all business partners, constantly improving and strengthening mutual trust, trying to understand all their needs and expectations


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