The company was founded on January 6, 1954. to perform production and servicing.

The Association of Engineers and Technicians for the Protection of Materials of Yugoslavia, as it was originally called the Corrosion Engineering Society, had its beginnings in 1952 through the Commission for Corrosion Protection. This commission existed within the Society of Chemists and Technologists of the DIT, although some roots in corrosion protection are mentioned even before the Second World War. The initiators for the formation of this Commission were Dr. Eng. Frano Podbrežnik, Prof. Dr. Blažon, Prof. Dr. Milan Pajević and Sveta Živanović. The commission had 15 active members and worked in three subcommittees.

In January 1953, this Commission grew into the Center for Corrosion Protection with the basic task of working on anti-corrosion protection of all materials, devices, equipment and installations. Already in the first year of its existence, this Center formed its service workshop for phosphating and started publishing its professional publications.

Further work of the Center, until its transformation into a Society and later into an Alliance, took place in commissions and service workshops through which intensive work was held on holding various courses and lectures in the field of material corrosion and protection and also on the development of corrosion projects. protection of various facilities and equipment for many companies.

On May 8, 1954, the Center for Corrosion Protection grew into the Society for the Protection of Materials of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia, which is considered the day of its founding. The first president of the Board of Directors of the Society for the Protection of Materials of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia was prof. Blagojević and the first president of the Executive Board was Prof. Dr. Miroslav Karšulin.


After its establishment, the Company formed its Central Laboratory for Corrosion Protection, which later grew into two socially-owned companies: the Institute for Material Protection and the company “Antikor”, which are engaged in the production of corrosion protection products and preparations for heat treatment and protection of buildings. from corrosion. Also, the Society continues its further successful work on publishing activities by printing popular publications and various professional books. The company successfully organizes various seminars, lectures and courses where it trains engineers and technicians of various professions on the consequences of corrosion and the possibilities of protection against it. Intensive cooperation is being developed with economic organizations on the territory of the whole of Yugoslavia.

Performing its work tasks with quality, the scope of construction activities quickly increased and a large number of construction sites were formed, which resulted in 1965. designated for specialized anti-corrosion protection activities.

Job training for very specific types of activities then represent a novelty in the region for jobs in industry and construction, so it gained first-class importance.

The need for this type of work and high quality work performed, enabled the dynamic development of the company, the conquest of new markets with the tracing of the path to create and maintain the reputation of a reliable company.

Working on long-term development planning, Antikor d.o.o. most closely cooperates with all research teams of numerous domestic and foreign institutions. During the work so far, results have been achieved that are, both in terms of quality and in terms of productivity, at the level of global companies in this field.

During the 80s, Antikor d.o.o. reaches the peak of growth and with over 1500 employees, represents the company as a leader in the field of anti-corrosion protection in the region.

We successfully overcame all the events in the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s and entered the third millennium, transformed into a joint stock company, so that today we continue to successfully carry out the work. The main activities of the company have been successfully expanded and developed in other fields as well.

Tens of millions of mof protected areas is a confirmation that we are even more active today.