About us!

The company

Antikor d.o.o. is a specialized company for the corrosion protection of various types of structures using paint protection systems and metallization, passive fire protection with expanding paint systems, all types of waterproofing of concrete and steel structures, thermal insulation, sound insulation and vibration insulation, production of high-strength industrial floors and protection geomembranes.

Since its founding (January 6, 1954) until today, the company Antikor doo, is a leader in our region in the field of anti-corrosion protection of capital facilities, structures, installations and equipment in the field of infrastructure, energy, petrochemistry, oil and chemical industry, mining , metallurgy, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metal processing industry, railway and road facilities.
In addition to engaging in the former Yugoslavia, the company worked successfully in Germany, Libya, Kuwait, Iraq, Algeria, Gabon, Hungary, Slovakia and Russia.

Major activities and directions of work and development of the company:

  • preparation of complete documentation, studies, technologies and specifications for the needs of project implementation, with application the latest applicable domestic and international standards, technologies and materials in this field of work;
  • provision, procurement and application of all necessary domestic or world developed materials and the most developed world equipment for performing these types of works;
  • installation and dismantling of scaffolding for the needs of field projects;
  • anti-corrosion protection of all types of structures, installations and equipment such as: bridges, transmission line poles, dams, reservoirs, pipelines, industrial facilities, vessels, docks, cranes and other facilities to be protected from effects of salt and fresh water, atmospheric influences, chemical action of aggressive liquid and gaseous media, action of high temperatures, effects of abrasion, mechanical influences;
  • passive fire protection of all types of structures with expanding fire coatings;
  • waterproofing and coating of the interior of steel and concrete tanks, swimming pools and similar structures with epoxy, urethane and polyurethane resins and similar materials with glass fiber reinforcements – “lining”;
  • hydro, thermal and acoustic insulation on steel and concrete structures of bridges, railway and road structures and flat roofs with the use of bituminous materials, epoxy, urethane and polyurethane resins and especially the world’s latest developed methyl methacrylate (MMA) material;
  • procurement and production of elastomeric mats against noise and vibration on railway, road and industrial facilities and plants;
  • production of highly resistant wearing (so-called self-leveling) floors in industrial and public buildings;
  • protection and rehabilitation of concrete surfaces from erosion and corrosion;
  • procurement and construction of pool insulation for disposal of environmentally toxic and hazardous waste from technological processes, using HDPE geotextile foils and similar materials;
  • respect for ecological environmental protection, principles and regulations for the performance of these types of works with ecological disposal and analysis of waste materials;
  • quality control of performed works according to the latest domestic and international quality standards, as well as preparation of reports on performed works with all accompanying documentation.

Additional activities of the company:

  • chemical cleaning, decarbonization, chemical degreasing, various tanks, plants, cooling and heating systems, devices and installations;
  • degassing of various tanks, plants, cooling and heating systems, devices and installations;
  • cathodic protection of above-ground and underground metal structures;
  • protection of structures by metallization process.